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Helium Hosting

With our Hosting Services, we try to reach out to all people who struggle with the initial costs of various crypto setups, either due to limited funds, or simply being too new to the world of crypto, to feel comfortable investing their hard earned cash yet.

We also want to reach to people who believe in the Crypto-Token and wish they could scale faster to get ahead of the curve.

Here three examples of how the Hosting Service can benefit you:

Benefit 1.

Due to bad luck you find yourself out of funds, but know in your heart, the Helium Network will be profitable, long term.

Since you cannot pay for the initial setup, your only choice is to wait for this fact to change or you use our hosting services to cover your entry.

Benefit 2.

You already used your own money to deploy 5 Hotspots in an area and wish you had the money to go bigger.

You could use the hosting service just the same and scale strong right from the start and be ahead of the curve.

You order Hotspots via Hosting Service to add to your fleet. You use the Hosting Service as leverage.

Benefit 3.

You have funds, but aren't quite sure if the project can live up to your expectations. You take a test-setup by using the Hosting Service and can then further evaluate if you want to use your own money or not. You use the hosting service as "proof of concept".

Whatever your reasons are, we welcome you all equally and hope the simple nature and clearcut cost of our services brings you into the fold.

We do not believe in weird setups, like taking a permanent % out of your earnings - even if it is small. Or even a long lasting one.

We believe that you should know the exact cost to the dot.

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