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Helium Hosting

Simple and clear terms

  • You get a Hotspot and Setup Gear at no initial costs​

  • We keep the earnings, until reaching 2500 € worth of HNT per Hotspot

  • After this you become the owner of the Hotspot and Gear, no strings attached

  • You pay if you break it, lose it or stop before reaching 2500 € worth of HNT per Hotspot

  • Helium consulting included

  • You can get more than 1 Hotspot. Just write in the comments how many you want and where they will be deployed

  • We estimate the full payment to be achieved in no more than 4 months.

Do you know enough to set it up yourself ?
Where will your Antenna be placed ?
Define the density of other hotspots in your Area

Thanks for your application

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