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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you not accept Paypal?
    Short Answer: We are still too small/new At times we accept Paypal, but for this endeavour it is difficult to use. The security mechanisms of Paypal are very strict, so whenever it detects a surge in payments, it can lock all the money in place until the wares are delivered to the customer. That money is used to make the pre-orders happen in the first place and it cannot be done with immovable money, so it doesn't mix too well with wares that are not in stock. We will from time to time activate Paypal for brief moments to generate numbers for Paypal to get used to, until the security mechanisms are tuned down so it can finally become a permanent option. Currently though it is in everyone's interest to keep the money flowing so that the Pre-Orders for the goods you want can be made and secured. Hopefully through continued negotiations, we can achieve this early.
  • How exact are the delivery times for Pre-Orders ?
    The dates mentioned are usually estimated dispatch times from our vendors. Import can be smooth or take 14 days, worst case. The Pre-Order prices are usually below market price to make up for the delay and your commitment.
  • Can I cancel Pre-Orders of Antennas/Cables?
    Yes you will be refunded as per EU law
  • What happens if I cancel a Pre-Order for a Crypto-Miner?
    Nothing as we do not offer them and here is the reason why: Lead times are usually 20-40 days or more which is more than enough time for a crypto-token to explode or die. The consumer protection laws are not meant for goods that can swiftly change in value as people could easily exploit this by simply buying e.g. stocks/crypto and simply revoke if the course doesn't rise leaving the risk with the vendors. You can all imagine what happens with the pre-orders of any crypto-miner when the value drops harshly. However we can't just cancel our contracts with the manufacturers either and order less. Thus in accordance with § 312g Abs. 2 S. 1 Nr. 8 BGB we do not offer them. Once the company can absorb a loss of half a million € and survive this policy will be changed. In the meantime we protect ourselves against currency induced mass refunds. You should still reach out in case you want a refund as this policy is only meant to protect us from a cancel-wave, not from a singular refund.
  • Can I pay with crypto currency?
    We are working hard to automate this process. At the moment you can contact us and we will provide you a QR Code for your invoice payment. So if you want to pay with Crypto just reach out. B2C or B2B does not matter.
  • Do you believe in the products you offer ?
    Yes. if we believe the products do not hold their promises, we don't sell them. There must always be a chance for the customer to recoup their investment. Recurring customers are more valuable than burned ones. This is why our consulting work is an anchor in all our offers. It also means we usually have a network deployed. Examples: We are working on bringing 50 Helium Hotspots online and 50x Airqino/Kaiterra and Awair Elements for Planetwatch.
  • What are the lead times for Antennas/Cables
    The standard would be 1-2 weeks unforseeable circumstances excluded. (Yes sometimes you have to put on your pirate hat and go hunt your missing goods somewhere)
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