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High Performing Quality Antennas that increase your overall gains

Tremendous range while staying completely legal

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McGill Antenna




799,00 €

VAT Included

Kaitera Sensedge Mini

Dashboard for remote data monitoring

real-time measurements of CO2, TVOC, Particle Matters, Temperature and Humidity

Don't Save On The Wrong End!

A word on Helium Antennas:

Many antennas you can find for cheap are fake or underperforming

Using antennas of unknown quality introduces another source of possible error to troubleshoot your low HNT earnings

A high quality antenna that increases your overall gains just a little, will quickly pay for itself

That is why we decided to bring you only the best antenna we could find:


Specially tuned 3 or 6 dBi tuned antennas specifically for the European Helium band have a clear-cut advantage over multi-band antennas and allow you to have tremendous range while staying completely legal.


The same logic really applies to cables.

Yes we have knock-offs of those trademarked cables on the market as well.

Can you tell fake from real?

Not everyone is allowed to sell these high quality cables. LMR® 400 cables are just an inch away from observatory levels. That is how good they are if you get the real thing.

Ultra low loss cables cut and measured to perfection by McGill are supplied to us for your convenience. That's right. They even measure them after they are done cutting with special tools, because they are not satisfied with an imperfect cut that induces losses.​

​Together with McGill we recommend LMR® 400 cables for length < 10m and LMR 600 > 10m

Don't introduce difficulties in your low earning troubleshooting by purchasing high-quality cables from an untrusted source. Don't buy cheap cables either or the quality of your antenna goes into the bin.

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